he wonder of everyday life stirs an interior response. In wonder, we look around with new eyes and retrieve the essential questions of our humanity: Where did all of this come from? How did I get here? What will happen when I am no longer here? Why would I matter to a Creator of all this? How will the ultimate desires of my heart ever be fulfilled? Wonder at the richness of the created world, wonder at the beauty of life provokes our longing to know the Mystery of love and life behind it all.

This mysterious wonder is an experience of the religious sense imbedded in every human being, and when pursued, can become the awareness of a new call to an abundant life.

But it is also a starting point from which many men and women—even those who have received the Sacrament of Baptism—intentionally decide to walk no further!

Through the work of the Holy Spirit, they may still recognize the beauty of nature, the beauty of the human person, the beauty of man’s intelligence and creative genius, but the fear of the loss of freedom—that original fear of the Garden of Eden—becomes a stumbling block once again. In every age, the response to WONDER is such a foundational step onto the Intimate Path that many men and women spend their entire lives at the starting gate, wrestling alone with the greatest concerns of the human experience.

For those who do allow themselves to be awakened and moved in this most primary stage of infinite relationship, a new convergence between faith and everyday life suddenly occurs—even for those who have been “practicing” their religion for many years.

"...the wonder of the presence attracts me, and that is how the search within me breaks out," notes Servant of God Luigi Giussani.

What has suddenly sparked your interest? What has made you wonder?

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